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Design a website

that does a great job of presenting the image, personality, and professionalism of your small business or organization.

Create a website

that is attractive and easy to navigate


Develop a positive working relationship

with our client and understand their goals for the site

Create a finished product

that we would be proud to show off if it were the website for our own business or organization


Restaurant Menus | Brochures | Flyers | Business Cards | Magnets | Banners

We offer full-color, UV coated restaurant menus, door hangers, flyers, postcards, brochures, banners, business cards design and printing.
Please contact us for your printing needs. We are here to help to make your vision a reality.


Computer Repair | Virus/Spyware Removal Networking

ZEYKER offers various services to its clients in order to be the all-in-one service. We are here have answer for your needs. If your hard drive
does not work and need you data back or, your system is performing slow, just contact us to diagnose your system and provide solution.
ZEYKER can design a network from scratch or expand and enhance your existing network. Are you considering networking the computers
in your home, or connecting your office to one another? Your home can benefit from a network, by allowing family members easily share your family’s computer files, printers, and internet connection with a home network. Your company can benefit from a network, by allowing users to more efficiently and effectively communicate, share, organize and find information within the corporation and beyond to clients.
ZEYKER (ZEYNEP and ILKER) was established in 1995 to help businesses and individuals discover and expand into the area of interactive business or to improve on their existing websites. We are a dynamic, imaginative, affordable, web design and development company with practical experience spanning professional service.
We offer Website Design Development, Website Hosting, Printing & IT Consulting Services in the Triangle region of North Carolina as well as
clients from all over the world with creative solutions.
At ZEYKER, we provide a comprehensive range of computer and technology solutions to small business owners and private home users.
Whether you are looking for help with technology issues, problem prevention, virus and spyware remediation, printing or website
If you wish to contact us regarding work on a website or your hosting, printing needs, please fill contact form, send email or call.
[themify_icon icon=”fa-phone”] 919.431.9512  | [themify_icon icon=”fa-phone”] 919.961.6184  | [themify_icon icon=”fa-envelope-o”]